2020-07-09 —

According to the department, the bank's failings included not scrutinizing payments to Epstein's publicly alleged co-conspirators in sexually abusing young women; payments to Russian models; payments for women's school tuition, hotel and rent expenses; direct payments to numerous women with Eastern European surnames (which were consistent with prior public allegations of wrongdoing); settlement payments totaling over $7 million, as well as dozens of payments to law firms totaling over $6 million for apparent legal expenses for Epstein and his co-conspirators.


"It was a critical mistake, no question. Mr. Epstein should have never been our client," Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing said on CNBC Tuesday afternoon, noting that the bank's escalation process did not work in 2013. "This cannot happen and must not happen. I think we are in a far better place these days."

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