2020-06-03 —

In the call with Governors, Trump invoked the Occupy Wall Street movement... This is the mind of the President of the free world. Protesters attempting to realign their corrupted democracy while braving snow and ice living in tents on the sidewalks of lower Manhattan (following the greatest bank looting in U.S. history by Wall Street executives) have committed the ultimate crime of getting free pizza delivery.

As most Americans now realize, the President regularly relies on "alternative facts" to make his arguments. Wall Street On Parade covered the Occupy Wall Street protests. Wall Street was not "closed up" and there was no "total domination" of Wall Street. The stock exchange traded every single business day. Wall Street banks went merrily about their business of ripping off two-thirds of average folks 401(k) plans. Local residents came and went on the sidewalks, often delivering home-made meals to the protesters.

The protesters were not "there forever." The occupation of Zuccotti Park by Occupy Wall Street lasted from September 17, 2011 to November 15, 2011. Two months of peaceful protest. The brutal military-style raid and destruction of the protesters' camp left a lasting stain on the reputation of New York City and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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