2019-10-08 —

A federal judge on Monday rejected President Trump's effort to shield his tax returns from Manhattan state prosecutors, calling the president's argument that he was immune from criminal investigation "repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values."


The judge dismissed a lawsuit that had been filed by Mr. Trump, who was seeking to block a subpoena for eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns. The Manhattan district attorney demanded the records in late August as part of an investigation into hush-money payments made in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Trump's tax returns, however, remain protected for now. His lawyers quickly appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, which agreed to temporarily delay enforcement of the subpoena while it considers arguments in the case.

Trump's strategy is to simply run out the clock. He's using cynical strategic litigation tactics adopted from his business practices.

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