2018-07-08 —

Since 2009 alone we have seen the number of those not in the labor force increase from 80 million to 95.5 million (this is an increase of 19.37 percent).  At the same time, the U.S. population has only increased by 6 percent.  In other words, those not in the labor force are increasing at a much faster rate than your general growth in the population. 


If the economy is doing so great, how is it that we have a record 95.5 million Americans not in the labor force? That is an incredibly large number. And as we first brought up, this is not simply because of baby boomers retiring (as you now know the new retirement model is working until you die since most have very little to no money saved for retirement).

It's because we're the land of the free -- two-thirds of us are free, at least!

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