2017-04-29 —

Regulators on Friday seized New Orleans-based First NBC Bank in the costliest bank failure since the financial crisis, with cleanup costs estimated at $1 billion .


The billion-dollar loss comes from the difference in the FDIC's obligations and what it can expect to collect from the assets. The last time the FDIC paid more than $1 billion to absorb losses was when two banks in Puerto Rico failed in 2010.


First NBC was founded in 2006 and proclaimed its mission to be helping Louisiana rebuild from Hurricane Katrina. The bank got in trouble in part because it became unusually reliant on projects that revolve around federal tax credits for low-income or less developed areas. The bank would finance projects and get tax credits good in the future. But regulators decided that First NBC was overstating the value of those tax credits, forcing the bank to write down their value. Regulators increased scrutiny and ordered the bank to raise capital, but the bank had to set aside another $86 million in the last three months of 2016 to cover increasing loan losses.

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