2012-12-07 —

``Concerning the CFPB and whether or not it's focus is on saving the consumer ducats, Jeremy Potter with Norcom writes, "In response to TR's comment about the CFPB's interest in FHFA's handling of MIP, I often tell our staff at Norcom, our brokers and anyone who will listen that CFPB never claims to make things cheaper. Many members of our industry seem to think that part of consumer protection is keeping prices down and we sarcastically say 'don't they realize that they are making everything more expensive.' The truth is that I don't think they care. They were tasked to protect the consumer and the market. To their credit (I guess), I've never heard them claim that that meant making it cheaper to get a loan. In fact, CFPB seems to operate on the 'make the lender pay' idea in many areas without regard for where/how those costs might get passed on. We should stop hoping that CFPB turns their attention to consumer cost because it doesn't look like it's gonna happen."''

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