May 17, 2008 – 10:32 am

The Master Manipulators are spreading the good cheer that the worst of the write downs and credit crisis related losses are behind us. With the shock wave of the credit bubble poised to burst through every credit instrument known to man delusions and denial are at their highs.

The market has, obviously, taken the view that the worst of the write downs are behind us, and if anything it’s now just a macroeconomic problem we face. I think that’s dead wrong.

Dead wrong is right. All through the housing bubble these manipulators sold the economy’s soul to the devil and now there is hell to pay.

We’re now entering the phase where the macro impacts earnings, but also the stage where real cash losses start to hit the banks (subprime and Alt-A is primarily a mark-to-market issue, but HELOCs are going to be large, outright losses). Once WAMU, WFC, BAC and JPM start to get data through on how rapidly their HELOC portfolios are deteriorating, watch the losses pile up. I’m talking realised losses, not mark-to-market write downs.”

Bank of America and Washington Mutual have already seen the stark reality of rapidly multiplying HELOC losses when reporting Q1 2008 results.

Bank of America Corp., the nation’s biggest consumer bank, said losses on home-equity loans will be even worse than predicted three weeks ago, adding to evidence that more consumers are falling behind on debts.

The statement from Washington Mutual was equally severe.

The Seattle-based thrift reported $1.1 billion in bad home equity loans and lines of credit in the first quarter, up 35 percent from the same time the previous year, according to a recent regulatory filing.

Realized losses are real losses, like words spoken in anger they can never be taken back, only eternally regretted. For some banks that eternity of regret began when HELOC losses become apparent in the first quarter 2008, and as the credit crunch hardens others will find eternity come to a crashing end in insolvency.

The masters would have you believe in a fantasy a fairy tale, that the worse of the credit crisis is behind us. To believe that you would have to believe that all credit exposures are known, all possible effects predictable and that all further accounting will be clear. It’s not, I don’t and the credit crisis is no fairy tale. If things are going to get better, they are going to get much worse first.

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  2. declare national bankruptcy, void all debits national and personal, bring all military home leave NO imperial outposts any where then rebuild this country with no nafta or free trade agreements,no moneys or military aid sent to other countries and perhaps first start hanging the bankers and their political slaves (house,senate,executive dept)for treason

    By gina on May 17, 2008

  3. Paulson is a war criminal. That sun of a bitch should be court marshalled. I never heard soo much unadultared shit from Washington since the Arms of mass destruction of Bush. I far worst that that. That bullshit is translated in other languages and we have to read this shit.

    By Marc Authier on May 17, 2008

  4. It’s far worse than that. Everything that comes out from Washington is a lie. Everything. It makes you wonder sometimes if competition like during the Cold War would be a really good thing. Starting to feel sympathy for the communists and the USSR.

    By Marc Authier on May 17, 2008

  5. The macro view on all of this stuff gets covered in detail by Ilargi and Stoneleigh at – that one is on my top three blogs to check, while I drop in here maybe once a week and have never commented.

    It does seem like the groundlings are starting to catch on to the concept of “totally hosed”. Stuff just doesn’t work the way it used to – the gas pump, the HELOC, the job (or lack thereof) … it’s gonna be brutal come November and even a shiny new government won’t be able to fix this mess.

    By Stranded Wind on May 26, 2008

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