January 19, 2008 – 6:32 pm

Richard Christopher Whalen is co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics, the Los Angeles based provider of risk management tools and consulting services for auditors, regulators and financial professionals.

Christopher founded newsletters such as The Mexico Report, Washington & Wall Street and The Edge. He currently edits The Institutional Risk Analyst, a weekly news report and commentary on significant developments in and around the global financial markets. Christopher is global risk editor of The International Economy magazine. He is a member of Professional Risk Managers International Association and edits a blog on Risk Management and Regulation on the PRMIA web site. Christopher regularly contributes articles and commentaries to publications such as SeekingAlpha, Barron’s and the American Banker.

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  2. Is Metropolitan Savings Bank connected with METLife ?

    By Bob Chenoweth on Feb 19, 2008

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