January 19, 2008 – 6:36 pm

The news gets worse and the blood pours but it has yet to hit the streets. Amid all the confusion, if you look beyond the sphere of our world, you will see the banking crisis has begun its implosion in East Asia and Africa. The end of the year cash crunch, caused by Christmas or the credit crunch, has hit Zimbabwe in a way that will predict our own crisis.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is on a witch hunt to find “cash barons” otherwise known as cash hoarders. They blame Christmas but the reality is most of these institutions are owned by multinational banks. Barclays is having difficulty providing cash in the amounts up to $25USD (Z$50 Million) . Amazing! This has serious implications worldwide with respect to confidence. Understandably so, Zimbank and the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe are also having difficulties but their reserves do not compare to Barclay’s
worldwide reserves. When Barclays refuses to provide Zimbabweans with a measly $25USD, what does that say about our British or American friends? When will Barclays turn on you and pay your with George Bailey’s Honeymoon cash?

Confidence is not a game its state of being… When depositors in one side of the world are refused access to their monetary notes, depositors in the other side of the world should ask questions. Will Bank Failures cause the consumer led recession? With these sobering facts surrounding us, isn’t it time you looked at our Solutions/Alternatives on WWW.BANKS-IMPLODE.COM

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